About us

Posi Ink is a top-quality and personalized handmade goods brand from the United States. We operate with a mission to provide customers with eye-catching and sparkling gifts and come with great messages that the sender wants to convey to the recipient. Our products span many areas, such as clothing, decoration, and accessories, but they all have in common that they all have the most impressive design cues and are easy to use.


For each product, positivity is always the message, and we want to put it first. Our talented designers work hard and never stop creating to bring the most inspirational images and stories so that the recipients can feel our dedication when we are out for each product.


USA Address: 444 Alaska Avenue Suite #BIV819 Torrance, CA 90503, USA

Head Office:82 Street No. 11, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City 700000 VN

Email: [email protected]